About Us

“Ujala” translates as “To Illuminate”.
The brand seeks to inspire its young clients to express themselves with confidence; we believe our designs should nurture a child’s young personality rather than swamp its individuality by fashion trends. Timeless and effective, every individual piece is crafted with an eye for detail and a love of vibrant colors and fine fabrics. Looking east for inspiration, Ujala settled on the undeniably fabulous craftsmanship India has to offer and its long history of being a dominant leader in the industry, to bring forth something distinctively unique and charming. The DNA of this brand steers it in a direction that cultivates and encourages the use of skillful hands hence, supporting local communities in the long run. The result is exquisite pieces with fine embroideries and beading, unforgettable prints and lush colors all of which are geared to enhance every child’s individual sparkle -- To Illuminate